QI Charts

QI Charts is a control chart add-in for Microsoft Excel. The control chart (also known as a Shewhart chart) is a statistical tool used to distinguish between variation in a measure due to common causes and variation due to special causes.

QI Charts software allows you to create control charts using data that you have compiled in Microsoft Excel. QI-Charts requires that your data be column-oriented. The first column, the index, contains values that will appear on the X-axis of the control chart. These may be dates or times, labels, or a numbered series.

Creating a control chart in the same workbook as your data is made simple with a wizard dialog prompting you for data ranges, values, and phase boundaries. QI-Charts places the new control chart just to the right of your data range. You can make adjustments to your control chart using Excel's regular chart menus.

QI charts can be used to create the following types of charts:

  • Run Chart with median
  • Charts for attributes data
    • C Chart
    • P Chart
    • U Chart
    • P' Chart (corrects for large denominators)
    • U' Chart (corrects for large denominators)
  • Charts for variables data
    • XS Chart
    • Individuals Chart
  • Charts for events and time between events
    • G Chart
    • T Chart

DOWNLOAD the QI charts User Manual

New features of QI Charts 2.0:

  • Enhanced chart design
  • Optional data tables included in charts
  • Supports rational subgrouping
  • Create a table of control chart data and formulas
  • Reference guides for chart selection and interpretation rules


  • Windows operating systems are recommended for compatibility with QI Charts. QI Charts will work on Excel 2003 and later versions of Microsoft Excel.
  • QI Charts may be incompatible with Macintosh computer products. However, many Mac users successfully use QI Charts by running a parallel Windows Operating System. We are not able to provide technical support for this setup. Using services such as parallels.com, many Mac users effectively use QI Charts software with a parallel Windows OS.

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  • Single License - $69
  • Site license (single location) - $500
  • Small company license (less than 500 employees) - $800
  • Large company license (more than 500 employees) - $1200

QI Charts is available for purchase and download through our site. To purchase QI charts:

  • Complete registration form via link below. Please provide the contact information for the QI Charts end user on the registration form.
  • Add QI Charts to your shopping cart, and complete checkout process.
  • We attempt to respond to your order as quickly as possible. Within 24 hours after your payment has been processed, you will receive an email at the email address provided on the registration form with instructions to download and install QI Charts.

Example Wizard Screen

Example Control Chart

Example Data Table